Wooden bike shelters: street furniture in tune with the times

Polymobyl designs furniture for businesses and local authorities. At a time when soft mobility is more important than ever, we offer a range ofbicycle shelters in wood, alone or combined with metal. Discover our catalog and our modular range.

Modern, durable wooden cycle sheds

To meet the needs of users, but also the expectations of local authorities, a
bicycle shelter
must have specific qualities:

  • contemporary design, in harmony with the environment and the brand image of the city or company;
  • ease of use and functional options (e.g. helmet holders);
  • options that take into account new modes of transport (charging stations for electric bikes, in particular);
  • sufficient space to park the bicycles of all potential users;
  • materials resistant to weathering and damage;

Polymobyl has developed several ranges ofwooden cycle shelters combining all these features. Depending on your needs, they can be equipped with bike or scooter racks, LED lighting, charging stations and breakdown kits. For even greater security, the shelters can be fitted with a locking module that can be operated by key, code, badge or smartphone.

Ligne 25° & Cie: modular wooden bicycle shelters

To meet the needs of a varied customer base, Polymobyl has designed a range ofcustomizable bicycle awnings. 25° & Cie shelters consist of a basic module of 2×3 m, i.e. 6 places. These dimensions can be gradually increased up to 10 m, corresponding to 20 places.

Need more space? XL cycle shelters meet your requirements. Equipped with 12 places, secured or not, these units combine aesthetics and functionality. Looking for a specific configuration? Contact Polymobyl.

Finishes in harmony with the environment

The structure and covers of 25° & Cie wooden bus shelters are made of dark gray aluminum, but other colors are available on request. As for partitions, you can choose from a wide range of options, including perforated panels in larch (other species on request) or sheet metal and wood.

Tailor-made options for your bicycle awning

Because this type of shelter is above all a response to a need, we offer you the possibility of adding various accessories to the models in the 25° & Cie range:

Vertical or horizontal bike racks

Charging stations for electric bikes and scooters

LED lighting systems, mains-powered or stand-alone (with solar panel, battery and motion detector)

Tool and inflation stations for bikes and scooters

Our 25° & Cie line ofmodular wooden bus shelters can be complemented by other types of structures: smoking areas, galleries, pergolas… From a personalized audit to the installation of your equipment, Polymobyl guarantees a professional turnkey service for your collective shelters. Rely on a major player in street furniture.
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