Bicycle charging stations: bring modernity to your spaces

More and more users are choosing to cycle to work or in their free time. From now on, the
electric bike charging station
a must for local authorities. It enhances the space and adds real value for your users.

Discover the Polymobyl range of street furniture and the importance of offering a high-quality, designer bike charging station.

The electric bike terminal, a response to new needs

Users’ needs for urban space are changing. Many people now travel by scooter or electric bike, with the consequent need to recharge their vehicle. In addition to cycle shelters, it is therefore important for local authorities to offer efficient loading solutions.

Polymobyl, an innovative street furniture agency, equips parking areas for local authorities with a constant concern for minimizing their constraints. Bicycle charging stations are installed :

  • Under your existing bike shelter or in a new space
  • With minimum connection work
  • Maximizing the usefulness of electrical outlets (two bikes can be recharged from a single socket)
  • Securing bicycles for loading

In addition to the practical and safety aspects, the question of how it will benefit users is at the forefront. Designed to optimize the use of space, Polymobil bollards can be equipped with additional features. Adding an inflation station, for example, will be a great way to add even more utility to your stations.

Polymobyl VAE terminals meet a need for efficiency and user-friendliness. These should convey your community’s environmental values and encourage users to switch to soft modes. An easy-to-use terminal means faster, mass adoption by all travelers.

Quality recharging stations: the Polymobyl audit and follow-up

There are as many VAE charging stations as there are communities. That’s why Polymobyl puts its experience at the service of highly personalized projects, which we follow through from start to finish. Throughout your project, we implement :

  • On-site audit with in-depth study of your existing situation and definition of specifications
  • Proposal of an action plan and an estimate at the right price
  • Submission of sketches, data sheets, 2D and 3D plans to validate the rendering
  • Bicycle bollards designed and customized to your specifications in terms of materials and dimensions
  • Installation throughout France and Morocco

At every stage, you have a single point of contact to monitor your project. At the end of the project, your space will be equipped with designer bollards that blend elegantly into the overall look.

Polymobyl always keeps communication in mind, as well as user comfort and safety. Together with you, we’re designing a charging station that will help boost the confidence of bicycle users in their community.

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