LUD electric bike charging station: aesthetic and practical

Are you planning to equip your town or your retailer’s parking lot withcycle shelters? Get a head start by including an electric bike charging station! This equipment, which has become almost unavoidable with the growth in soft urban mobility, offers a valuable service to shelter users. Discover Polymobyl’s offer and services.

VAE terminals: the essential complement to your urban equipment

Bicycle shelters, pergolas, decorative benches and tables: Polymobyl offers local authorities quality furniture to meet their needs in terms of both equipment and visual communication. To complete this offer, we had to anticipate the needs of users of these facilities. The development of soft modes of transport, such as scooters and electric bikes, means that we need to offer a sufficient number of easily accessible charging stations for EVs.

Polymobyl VAE charging stations: adaptable, high-performance equipment

Within our LUD line of street furniture, we have integrated VAE terminals capable of recharging two bicycles, while ensuring the safety of both cycles and chargers. Elegantly styled in orange, yellow, water-green or grey-tinted steel (other shades are available on request), they are fixed to the ground by means of four small-diameter (14 mm) holes. Alternatively, they can be combined with a self-supporting tiled slab, which has the advantage of allowing the power supply to pass from one terminal to another in a multiple installation.

Integrate VAE charging stations into your bike shelters

Creating a truly functional parking area for two-wheelers is a project that’s well underway. With over 30 years of expertise in its field, Polymobyl provides you with a turnkey service for the design of your bicycle and scooter parking spaces.

Design, materials, cut-outs, colors, printing techniques… every element of your project is designed to blend seamlessly into the environment, combining aesthetics, quality and visual impact.

We also offer complementary equipment, such as VAE terminals, as well as simple bike terminals, and an open-access inflation and repair station.

The Polymobyl approach to creating bike shelters with VAE stations

Here’s how we go about providing you with tailor-made services:



We carry out an on-site audit, taking into account the environment, existing buildings and constraints.


Action booklet

We draw up a costed action plan for a tailor-made solution



Once this has been accepted, our team (made up of designers and graphic artists supervised by a project manager) gets to work.


Sketches and plans

Our design office offers you a range of sketches, technical data sheets, 2D and 3D plans, so that you can get a precise idea of the final rendering.



The furniture is designed by us and customized to blend harmoniously into the space.



Once your entire bike shelter with VAE terminals is ready, we install it on site.

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