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Guiding and informing visitors, whether motorists or pedestrians, is an essential part of town signage, which must also reflect your town’s brand image.

That’s why Polymobyl, specialists in outdoor
outdoor signage
since 1987, offers local authorities a comprehensive solution. Our agency carries out a tailor-made study for coherent signage, which will highlight your city’s heritage and sites of interest, while facilitating access to the different areas.

The challenges of effective urban signage

Public signage is everywhere when you’re out and about in the city, and it’s no coincidence that it meets a need that’s as simple as it is essential: to guide visitors and show them where to go and how.

Directional signs, information desks and plaques are anchor points within the city, providing users with reliable landmarks they can rely on at any time, whether they’re just passing through or live nearby.

To achieve this, signage must be visible, immediately identifiable and understandable to all. It is therefore essential to design a coherent system, both aesthetically and functionally, so that street name or number plaques, directional signs and desks, or information tables can be useful to all, while enhancing the space in which they are integrated.

In addition to its directional function, which helps not only to orientate, but also to make traffic flow more smoothly in urban spaces, the community signage is also dedicated to highlighting our heritage, for example by placing information plaques on historic buildings, or setting up information desks near monuments and sites of interest, so that visitors can discover your community in a different light.

As you can see, a careful study is needed to understand the precise challenges your signage system must meet, while taking into account the constraints of space and environment. This is precisely what Polymobyl offers you.

Custom design and installation: signage experts at your service

As asignage agency, Polymobyl puts its know-how and experience at the service of local authorities to offer you a tailor-made solution, perfectly adapted to your needs.

Our team of project managers, designers and graphic artists begins by visiting you to carry out a complete audit: we study existing solutions, identify the issues you’re facing, as well as any constraints linked to the environment, distances, and so on.

At the end of this first stage, we’ll submit a set of costed recommendations for your approval. Once this has been obtained, our team draws up a customized study to define the graphic charter of your signage project, the design and dimensions of the various elements, and their precise distribution and positioning within the space.

Our aim: to design harmonious signage that never takes precedence over the space, but rather enhances it by naturally drawing attention where it’s needed.

Once our proposals have been validated (sketches, technical data sheets and 2D and 3D layout plans will be provided), the production of your signage begins. When it’s ready, we come and install it according to the predefined layout. The result is a complete high-end service.

Complete urban signage for your community

The urban signage we propose will include (depending on requirements) :

  • a sign welcoming motorists to the city
  • orientation signs to encourage motorists to use the parking lots
  • directional signs for motorists and pedestrians at appropriate scales, indicating shopping areas, tourist sites, services and shops, and the distances to each.
  • information panels on shops and services, with maps, for example.
  • heritage signage: plaques on facades, information desks, etc.

So we’re offering you a comprehensive range of signage for your town, entirely designed with your community in mind.

From one end of the project to the other, you’ll benefit from tailor-made support from our project manager, who will answer your questions with complete transparency and advise you on every aspect of your project.

Would you like to present your signage project to us? We’ ll be happy to provide you with further information or make an appointment.

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