Design outdoor signage: visuals for clarity

Present in our daily environment, outdoor outdoor signage is subtle. Yet its role is a major one: in cities, airports and businesses, it must guide without ever creating confusion.

With Polymobyl, create designer outdoor signage that reflects your personality, whatever the layout of your space. From design to installation, we’re with you every step of the way.

The challenges of urban design signage

Municipalities and agglomerations, as well as companies: many structures use outdoor signage. This is a very important one. It contributes to the clarity of the space, allows everyone to find their way around, and plays an integral part in the user or customer experience.

Signage is expected to be present but not intrusive, and to comply with certain standards. In addition to the regulatory aspects, legibility is a must. The location of a plaque or the text content of signs will have an impact on legibility. Environmental issues are also important. The materials used (steel, aluminum, wood, etc.) should respect the natural environment, but be highly weather-resistant.

Last but not least, urban information panels are also values and a graphic charter. The color codes and lines of your signs will play a decisive role in user perception. So choose wisely.

Polymobyl, experts in directional signage, combine all these key aspects of urban communication in products tailored to your needs. We have a wide range of product lines that can be endlessly adapted to suit your profile. We’ll work with you to set up a structured project and support you from start to finish.

City outdoor signs: a visual to suit everyone

The Polymobyl product range includes elements for heritage and directional signage, all made in France and available in the style of your choice. Classic, natural or trendy: materials such as galvanized steel or wooden panels give your signage the style it needs. An experienced team of graphic artists and designers, headed by a project manager, will submit proposals that are consistent with your positioning.

From signage totems to masts and marker nails, there are many ways to delimit space. We’ll help you make the right choice of signage products and maximize their positive impact on users. We then draw up precise plans and specifications, all after carrying out an on-site audit. Nothing is left to chance in the design of your urban signage.

With this support and the customization of its products, Polymobyl aims to put city signage at the service of your communication. Thanks to a well-defined project, both technically and in terms of budget, your products will meet all your requirements in terms of visibility and durability. That’s how we ensure your satisfaction and that of your users.

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