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Provide welcome shade for users with made-to-measure pergolas.

Polymobyl, a specialist in designer street furniture, offers contractors and local authorities top-of-the-range, elegant and robust products that will enhance your urban or private space, while providing maximum comfort for users.

From design to installation, discover a complete, high-quality offering.

Pergolas that are both stylish and functional

Pergolas offer real comfort to passers-by in rainy or hot weather, but also to hotel guests and private establishments.

Because it’s important for each structure to blend harmoniously with its surroundings, Polymobyl offers a custom design and manufacturing service. You can choose not only the dimensions of your pergola, but also its configuration, color and materials (wood, aluminum).

We guarantee a modern, minimalist design with clean lines. For a unique result, our team of graphic artists and designers will design your modular structure from A to Z, taking into account space constraints and your expectations.

The result is furniture that truly enhances your space, and is both durable and functional.

A wealth of possibilities

Polymobyl’s design pergolas are fully modular and can incorporate a variety of options.

There are two possible configurations:

  • Ground mounting for a freestanding pergola
  • Wall mounting

The position of the supporting posts is adjustable, and you can choose the width and height dimensions to integrate harmoniously into your space.

Aluminium pergolas offer many possibilities:

  • choice of colors from a selection of some twenty references
  • with or without fixed canvas or removable velum
  • trellis
  • with or without partitions

When it comes to choosing colors, we only use paint with the Qualicoat label, which has a very high surface hardness, high resistance to scratches and abrasion, and excellent gloss stability over time.

We can also offer you a microventilated bioclimatic retractable cover that rejects up to 92% of the sun’s heat, thus avoiding the greenhouse effect. This option is particularly suitable for a pool, spa or garden area, for example in a luxury hotel.

Top-of-the-range service, tailor-made follow-up: Our advantages

Polymobyl is a street furniture designer with over 30 years’ experience. We work for local authorities as well as private contractors and establishments. This enables us to adapt to the specific requirements of all types of landscaping projects.

We can also offer you a turnkey solution, including an audit and installation of your structure.

When it comes to our urban pergolas, we guarantee that the furniture will let the light in while providing protection from the wind, rain or sun, depending on the weather. We’ll also help you choose the most suitable material and roofing, and can create plant-based pergolas to elegantly shade a terrace or part of a public garden.

It’s simple: Polymobyl brings your ideas to life and creates a unique, aesthetically pleasing structure that will stand up to everyday use.

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