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So commonplace as to be barely noticeable, these elements of public space design are nonetheless essential in more ways than one. As a manufacturer of outdoor furniture for communities, Polymobyl takes into account user comfort, space enhancement and consistency with the client’s brand image, for a successful layout.

The challenges and objectives of public space development

Designing outdoor furniture for communities means understanding all the uses to which it is put. The city as a place to live requires functional, comfortable equipment, but also products that convey the community’s image and harmonize with existing buildings and facilities.

While community furniture used to be limited to benches, picnic tables and bus shelters, it has evolved along with urban lifestyles and travel patterns. Today, a large part of the development work is aimed at facilitating new forms of mobility. Cycle shelters and secure boxes account for a large proportion of the furniture designed and installed by Polymobyl.

Another change in lifestyle, linked to climate change and ecological awareness, is also having an impact on the design of public spaces. As a result, we are increasingly offering planted pergolas and shade areas.

Polymobyl, street furniture supplier and community partner

Polymobyl is constantly adapting its services and product ranges to meet the new challenges oflocal authority landscaping. Our street furniture is designed using sustainable materials such as wood and steel. We focus on the longevity of our equipment, its practicality and its resistance to public use.

Our catalog focuses on modularity and design, while allowing for a complete layout of the collective space. From benches to shades, bus shelters to litter garbage cans, we offer coordinated ranges for a harmonious layout.

Polymobyl has therefore designed different lines of street furniture, each element remaining adaptable and customizable:

  • LUD and TUB ranges, featuring metal and modern lines;
  • the CUB, PUR and Medinéo collections, which elegantly combine wood and metal in a natural, contemporary spirit;
  • the NUT line, made entirely of wood;
  • the 25° & Cie series, fully modular for à la carte layouts.

Your street furniture from design to installation with Polymobyl

We don’t just sell furniture. Our aim is to provide our customers with a real solution for thedevelopment of outdoor spaces in the community, integrated into the existing environment and anticipating the future.

If you want to design a customized layout that meets the needs of users while conveying your values, choose an agency with expertise in the manufacture of outdoor furniture for communities. Based near Lyon, Polymobyl operates throughout France and beyond: find out more about our services.

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