Lyon outdoor signage: a service provider for urban development

City centers, airports, large groups: outdoor signage is used by a multitude of structures. Its mission: to provide effective information while blending into the environment. With growing constraints in terms of layout, accessibility and ecological footprint, signage projects are becoming increasingly complex. Polymobyl is aware of all these issues and helps professionals design their outdoor signage in Lyon and the surrounding area.

An agency for urban signage in and around Lyon

Since 1986, Polymobil has been creating customized layouts for French towns and cities. Complete services from needs analysis to manufacturing and installation.

The importance of signage in cities around Lyon is well established. In urban centers, it must not only guide and serve, but also be aesthetically pleasing and respectful of the environment. Signs, arrows, milestones or wall plaques delimit the space and provide valuable information.

Good signage also enhances the image of the municipality employing it. The design and consistency of outdoor signs in and around Lyon convey an image that the public will appreciate.

But urban development must also be carried out in strict compliance with city regulations. To this must be added an enlightened choice of materials and quality graphic orientation. The involvement of a qualified service provider goes beyond simple installation: he or she must adapt to the environment and provide personalized advice for each project.

Polymobil is an expert service that takes your needs and constraints into account. As soon as your space is audited, a specialist draws up a costed action plan describing each stage, from design to installation. Our multi-disciplinary team is made up of designers, graphic artists and project managers, with varied, complementary profiles to ensure that no detail is overlooked.

All the key elements of your project are validated with you by our key contributors to guarantee a service perfectly adapted to your expectations.

Street furniture design in Lyon and the surrounding area

Lyon and its surrounding communities need to make informed, relevant and, above all, effective choices when it comes to urban signage. These choices determine the quality of life and image of these cities. Polymobyl applies its expertise to every project, ensuring quality and consistency. Design, materials, cut-outs, colors, printing techniques: every component of your urban furnishings must be precisely matched to your graphic charter. Legibility is also a major criterion for your signs and other signage elements in Lyon: these two aspects must be combined at all times.

Polymobyl’s achievements include signage for the town of La Tour de Salvagny and the Communauté de Communes de la Dombes. We have also successfully completed the CROUS de Lyon project. Our achievements in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes are based on in-depth knowledge of the region and its expectations.

We work in Lyon and the surrounding area, as well as all over France. Our constant aim is to leverage our experience to become your preferred partner for urban development. Our collaborations testify to the reliability and versatility of our services.

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