Tourism signage design: Polymobyl supports you

Much more than just a placemarker or information medium, the tourist sign is an integral part of heritage enhancement. Whether its function is to orient visitors, provide cultural information or offer practical advice, this element must be designed and integrated with the utmost care.

Polymobyl, signage professionals in France, presents its assets and achievements throughout the country.

Tourist information panels: from audit to deployment

One of Polymobyl’s strengths lies in the comprehensive support it offers. In fact, the design of tourist signage has to meet a number of challenges that go far beyond mere aesthetics.

The signposting of a tourist site must be part of what makes it special. The choice of sign type and layout, the graphic message and the information conveyed are all essential to ensure correct interpretation by the public.

To help you enhance a site or create a tourist itinerary, Polymobyl offers customized services. We begin by carrying out an audit of your premises, before drawing up a costed action plan tailored to your needs and budget. Step by step, our design office imagines your tourist signage materials, and submits 2 and 3D plans, as well as sketches and technical data sheets.

Once the entire project has been validated, we start manufacturing your signage in our workshops near Lyon. These are meticulously designed, in resistant materials, and customized according to the site’s specific requirements. Finally, we install the panels on site.

Our range of supports for your tourist signage

Polymobyl has developed a complete range of tourist signage products to meet every need in terms of orientation and public information: wayfinding nails and milestones, directional arrows and masts, wall plaques, signposts, totems, reading desks and tables…

Our achievements in tourist signage

Polymobyl has designed or taken over the tourist signposting of many sites. Among all these projects, we’re particularly proud of the one at Alpe d’Huez, a prime example of successful ski resort signage! Our team has also helped to mark out and promote areas such as the banks of the Durance, the town of Vierzon, the Sentier des Impressionnistes in Val-d’Oise and even the Corniche de Rabat in Morocco.

Enhancing the area, presenting points of interest and activities, providing practical or cultural information: these are just some of the functions of effective tourist signage. But, above all, the chosen signage must blend into its environment, so that it itself becomes a component of the place. Polymobyl has always worked in this direction.

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