Polymobyl tourist signage, an asset for your heritage

Whether directional, situational or explanatory, tourist signage must deliver a message to visitors. Everything must be carefully considered, from the visibility of the equipment to its legibility and integration into the space. With Polymobyl, a specialist in outdoor signage, choose quality design products that leave nothing to chance.

Polymobyl, heritage signage designer

With 30 years’ experience in signage, Polymobyl puts itstourist development solutions at your service. Thanks to a multi-disciplinary team of designers, graphic artists and project managers, we can custom-design your equipment to showcase your region’s cultural and historical heritage.

To mark out a walk on a site, inform users about a point of interest and direct them to a specific area, we offer you a range of supports adapted to the constraints of your space. We take into account the challenges of your project and your objectives, and together we determine a global strategy to improve the visitor experience. The town of Orleans, the city of Toulouse and the town of Ambert have already entrusted us with the conception and design of their outdoor tourist signage.

We offer you our standard products for your furnishing project, which we can customize on request. Like the town of Montigny-les-Corneilles, which has installed impressionist silhouettes on a natural promenade in the heart of the town, dare to be original! Tell us your ideas, and we’ll bring them to life.

Our different lines of tourism products

Our comprehensive catalog of tourist information media includes milestones, totems, lecterns, wayfinding studs, directional masts, wall plaques and signs. Our standard products are organized into different product lines, each with its own specificity.

ICARE line

Our ICARE collection reveals clean lines thanks to a folded metal plate design. Designed to develop a patina over time, it blends in perfectly with the area to be landscaped.


The MASSILIA line is seductive in its simplicity. With three different media, you don’t distort your tourist area and you showcase its various assets.


Stand out from the crowd with products from the OLYMPE range. They feature a contemporary cutout that creates a play of colors between the inside and outside of the directional system. Sobriety in gray or black or exuberance in fuchsia or turquoise – the choice is yours!

All our signage products are made from steel, aluminum or aluminum composite, guaranteeing greater durability and resistance to weather and vandalism.

Highlight your heritage with customized tourist signage

Whether it’s to provide a better understanding of a site’s overall operation, to help you find your way around, or to promote communication and education, a tourist display can serve many purposes.

Thanks to our expertise in signage (hiking, leisure, pedestrian…) and our know-how acquired in large-scale projects, we can provide you with creative answers and operational solutions. Signage deserves to be noticed. The lines we create will sublimate any space and enhance your environment.

Together, we’ll study the issues involved in your tourism project and advise you on the printing and installation of your signage, based on your expectations, budget and territorial constraints.

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