How to make a success of your outdoor tourist signage?

The challenges of outdoor signage for tourism are manifold. Visitor information and orientation, integration into the environment, but also robustness and longevity! To benefit from high-quality tourist signage, call on the professionals: Polymobyl offers you customized support.

Tourist information panels: a crucial element

Signage is an integral part of a tourist site. Media must be more than just informative; they must :

  • blend harmoniously into the environment;
  • respect a coherent graphic charter;
  • enhancing our heritage ;
  • optimize the visitor experience;
  • inform without overwhelming;
  • orientate in a simple and attractive way;
  • weatherproof and vandal-proof.

Our outdoor tourist signage projects

Polymobyl has been working alongside professionals, contractors and local authorities for many years. Over the years, we have supported numerous outdoor tourist signage projects, such as :

  • Val-de-Marne departmental tourism committee: Polymobyl designed, produced and installed 60 tourist signage supports throughout the department;
  • scenography of the banks of the Durance: interpretation panels on geology, fauna and flora along the future cycle route;
  • Geopark Beaujolais: made up of 24 exceptional sites, it required the creation of harmonized outdoor signage at each location;
  • the gorges du Tarn: this superb natural site needed R.I.S. signs – relais informations-services – providing practical information.

Focus on Burgundy canal signage

The aim of this large-scale project was to create interpretive signage along the 242 km of cycle route running alongside the canal. The panels were designed to be educational and informative, and to encourage visitors to discover the region’s other tourist attractions.

For this purpose, Polymobyl designed outdoor signage supports with a strong identity, featuring two faces and two seats. On the front, the contents cover the history of the Burgundy Canal and its special features. On the reverse, the sign informs tourists of points of interest within a 20 km radius.

Our proposal consisted of :

      • create an imaginary character, which visitors find from panel to panel and which provides them with information;
      • write all content;
      • design the necessary 64 visuals ;
      • manufacture and install the site’s 32 signage supports.

Polymobyl's services for the outdoor signage of your tourist sites

Whether it’s creating an interpretive trail or informing visitors to a site about the services available, signage is of paramount importance.
When you call on us, you benefit from a complete service:


Site audit (assets, constraints, existing facilities, etc.)


Drawing up a costed action plan


Proposal of plans and sketches to visualize the expected rendering


Design of visuals and copywriting


Substrate manufacture


On-site signage installation

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