Urban bike shelters: develop green modes of transport

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In the age of soft mobility, the deployment ofurban bicycle shelters is an essential step.
Polymobyl, a company specializing in collective and urban furniture, offers a range of aesthetic, functional and customizable equipment.

Versatile cycle shelters

From the warmth of wood to the modernism of metal and a variety of elegant modulations, Polymobyl bicycle shelters offer a wealth of possibilities. Thanks to their sophisticated design and choice of quality materials, our equipment is fully in tune with the times.

Our concept is to offer you a shelter that reflects your brand image, is perfectly integrated and resistant to external aggression.

Since its creation, Polymobyl has been working on behalf of public and private local authorities, assisting them with their development projects. Our cycle shelters can be installed in a parking lot, opposite a railway or metro station, in the street near a store or opposite a high school, and so on.

Customized bike shelters

Our range ofbicycle awnings is available in a variety of styles to suit any environment.

25° & Cie

Looking for custom-made street furniture? Discover our 25° & Cie range. From a basic module of 2×3 m, you can infinitely double the size to accommodate the number of people planned. Constructed from profiled aluminum, the structure can be completed with a wooden underside and customizable walls: Plexiglas, wood cladding, securit® glass, perforated sheet metal, polycarbonate, aluminum…

Two-wheeler shelters: sturdy, practical and safe

Encouraging soft mobility also means offering motorcyclists every guarantee of safety.
In concrete terms, they need to be sure of finding their machine after shopping or at the end of the working day…

All this contributes to creating a genuine alternative mobility offer, cleaner, more practical and perfectly adapted to the needs of today’s users.

Subsidies for companies

Polymobyl is one of the suppliers approved by Objectif Employeur Pro-Vélo, an organization tasked with promoting the development of “bicycle culture” in companies. OEPV has set up a system of incentives for the installation of bicycle shelters and other equipment dedicated to two-wheelers.

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