Îlot de fraîcheur urbain: eco-responsible, people-centred development

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At a time when public policies are placing increasing emphasis on climate protection and the fight against the artificialization of space, the design of urban cool islands is totally in tune with the times.

Combining eco-design and greening, these structures are also a way of recreating social links in the city or in the workplace. Focus on the cool island and its benefits. 

Climate change and urban planning: innovative solutions

The creation ofcool spaces in urban areas is a perfect example of adapting to change in our environment. The island is a space for well-being, a meeting place and a way of rethinking our relationship with nature.

Cool islands are small, friendly spaces set up in public spaces or on the premises of companies and administrations. They are designed as zones for relaxation, rest and conviviality, but also for thermal comfort in periods of extreme heat.

These structures are designed in response to climate change, and in particular to heat waves, which are particularly difficult to withstand in the city. The islands therefore incorporate shading, but also (depending on needs and requirements) a system of misters in periods of heatwave, as well as planted elements and even a participatory vegetable garden. Tables with chairs or benches complete the layout.

An example of a “cool island”: a green shade canopy

To support local authorities, tourist sites and private-sector companies in their eco-responsible development projects, Polymobyl has designed a new shade structure with an autonomous rainwater recovery system. The principle is simple: the bowl-shaped top serves both as a sunshade and as a rainwater collector. It feeds the lower part, which incorporates a planter where various plants grow. The benefits are twofold: to re-vegetate the area and naturally combat the effects of rising temperatures.

Round in shape, this planted shade can be fitted with semi-circular benches, providing shade and a green setting. The Cité de l’Espace in Toulouse was attracted by the idea, and asked us to implement the project and install the structures on site.

A la carte services for the creation of urban cool islands

Polymobyl specializes in the design of urban and professional spaces. As such, we offer different levels of service, depending on your project and expectations:

  • Case number one: the project has already been designed by an architect. Polymobyl takes charge of manufacturing and installing the furniture on site, in accordance with the agreed specifications.
  • Case number two: you’re looking for a partner to design a customized shade area. Polymobyl then carries out an initial audit and a personalized study of the project, accompanied by plans, sketches and technical data sheets, as well as a detailed estimate. We imagine and design street furniture adapted to your image, your budget and the specific features of the site.

Our catalog includes shade structures, as well as various models of seats, tables and stand-up meals, accessories for landscaping and cycle and bus shelters.

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