An elegant and practical VAE terminal, safe and easy to integrate

An expert in innovative, sustainable street furniture since 1986, Polymobyl has designed a VAE bollard that perfectly meets today’s challenges.

Whether you’re a company in the private sector or a local authority, we can help you promote environmentally-friendly modes of transport.

Features of Polymobyl electric bike charging stations

Part of the LUD range of cycle shelters, our VAE charging stations are made of steel and mounted directly on the ground or on a self-supporting sheet metal slab. Several racks can be installed, even inside a bicycle shed.

In terms of features, our VAE charging station is as follows:

  • Easy to install and connect to the network without digging a trench;
  • easy installation under an inverted U-shaped urban bicycle shelter;
  • charging station for connecting two VAE ;
  • lockable metal box integrated into the bollard body ;
  • system for securing chargers and bicycles ;
  • choice of four standard colors (yellow, orange, water green or gray), other colors on request ;
  • equipment and services eligible for the Alvéole Plus and Objectif Employeur Pro- Vélo subsidy programs.

Charging station for electric scooters and bicycles: tomorrow's urban equipment

Since its creation, Polymobyl has had a global vision of public and professional landscaping. Our charging stations for electric two-wheelers are designed to fit into an existing shelter or a project still in the pipeline.

Many municipalities and companies have already taken the plunge and installed cycle shelters in their premises. The next step is to equip these parking areas for new uses. Allowing cyclists to park their bikes and recharge their batteries in complete safety, and offering filling and repair stations are all ways of encouraging soft mobility.

Polymobyl services for the design of parking areas for two-wheelers

Our core business is to assist project managers from start to finish. We manufacture bike shelters with charging stations, but above all, we help you make the most of your equipment and your space.

Polymobyl support means :

  • an on-site audit ;
  • a personalized, costed study;
  • the presentation of plans, diagrams and technical data sheets to help you plan your project;
  • validation of each step with you;
  • manufacture and customize your street furniture;
  • installation of VAE terminals;
  • operations throughout France and Morocco.

To find out more about our ranges, services or prices, contact Polymobyl.

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