Signage for historical heritage: A guide to discovery

Designing signage for historic buildings plays a key role in enhancing their value and making them easier to understand for the general public.

From determining the main theme, to choosing the graphics and media, to on-site installation, Polymobyl offers you a complete, tailor-made service to create a unique itinerary.

Heritage signage by Polymobyl

With over 30 years’ experience in street furniture and tourist signage, we have developed an exclusive, modular offering. Each project manager can adapt our concept to his or her own constraints.

Our team is made up of professionals from a variety of backgrounds, who work together to offer you a complete solution for your signage project.

We start by carrying out an in-depth audit, to determine the site’s creative directions and constraints. Our design office will then provide you with a detailed, costed specification, taking into account all aspects of the proposed signage.

Once the adjustments have been made to your specifications, we will design, manufacture and install your information media on site.

Your tourist signage step by step

To inform and guide visitors, the first step is to capture their attention. This is the first challenge of heritage signage. To do this, Polymobyl plans the creation of your media along different lines:

  • content: information, themes, editorial style and illustrations all play a part in the success of your signage;
  • graphic design: it’s essential to attract the eye with a well-chosen layout and visuals, a balance between text and images, to make your heritage signage attractive;
  • choice of information media: whether taken from the Polymobyl catalog or custom-made, panels, lecterns, posts and other items must blend harmoniously with the frame, offering strength and durability;
  • setting the scene: the use of the environment and scenography are an integral part of the signage of a historic site, allowing visitors to feel truly immersed.

Polymobyl's services for your heritage signage

We don’t just sell you standard information panels. From thematic research to media finishing, we work closely with you to create unique signage for your historic site. For example, we designed all the beaconing at the Arsenal de Rochefort and the Citadelle de Besançon.

Our catalog of 100% customizable signage products includes numerous references in a variety of styles, to suit all kinds of spaces and tourist locations: signs and totems, wall plaques, lecterns, directional arrows and masts, milestones and marker studs…

However, the Polymobyl team is also an expert in the creation of custom signage. We enhance your site in the most remarkable way, creating from A to Z an attractive, entertaining and educational itinerary, in harmony with the space or monument concerned.

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