Heritage signage,
to showcase a region

Heritage signage is essential for outdoor signage, as it organizes a pathway and enhances the value of the space, enabling visitors to better understand it and make it their own. With over 30 years’ experience in the field of information media, Polymobyl puts its know-how and skills at the service of your furnishing project.

The challenges of tourist signage

Cultural and natural heritage is a major issue for the region, and to make it visible and intelligible to as many people as possible, it needs to be showcased through well-thought-out heritage development. Since 1986, Polymobyl has been imagining and designing custom fittings whose quality is matched only by their design.

Heritage or cultural signage meets a number of objectives, such as directing the flow of visitors, providing answers to any questions they may have, or offering historical or geographical information about the site, landscape or monument they are visiting (interpretive signage). Signage must be clear and legible at first glance, and blend in perfectly with its surroundings.

Like the towns of Ambert, Vierzon and Orléans, you can rely on Polymobyl to create an impactful, functional and stylish custom fit-out. We offer you our different product lines, which we customize according to your desires, the constraints of your territory and your budget.

Polymobyl's heritage information media

Polymobyl’s catalog of heritage materials includes directional masts, lecterns, panels, marker studs and wall plaques. They are available in several lines, to suit the needs of local authorities, institutions and businesses.

The latest addition to our catalog, the OLYMPE line features a contemporary cut that creates a color contrast between the outside and inside of the chosen substrate. A wide range of colors is available, from sober to flashy. With ICARE, choose discreet brackets that fit perfectly into the space thanks to their folded-plate design. MASSILIA offers you three complementary information media to draw visitors’ attention to your important heritage sites.

From design to installation

Our multi-disciplinary team of designers, graphic artists and project managers is on hand to help you develop your signage orheritage display project. After creating the Impressionist Trail in Montigny-les-Corneilles, showcasing the 24 exceptional sites of the Geopark Beaujolais and installing information signage for the Rabat-Salé urban agency, we have mastered every stage of the development project.

To begin with, we’ll carry out an audit of your existing layout, to better understand the constraints and challenges of your space. Thanks to field surveys and a careful study, we can then provide you with a costed action plan.

We’ll then apply our knowledge and passion for design to the creation of your information media and their signage, so that they adopt an overall visual coherence and fit in ideally with the territory.

Last but not least, our team will install signage for historical, cultural or natural heritage, while respecting the existing structure, so you can be sure that your heritage will be as sublime as it deserves to be.

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