Hospital signage adapted and well thought-out

Because most healthcare establishments are large, and the users who enter them can be anxious, hospital signage needs to be carefully thought through. User guidance, legal constraints and design will be at the heart of our concerns.

Intelligent hospital signage to make getting around easier

Finding their way around a hospital is a constant challenge for people coming for treatment or visiting a loved one. The information given on outdoor signage, color codes and pictograms must be understood at a glance, even by a weakened or anxious user.

At the same time, the law requires all establishments open to the public to clearly mark out the accessibility of their buildings, particularly for the disabled. To meet legal and public expectations, special care must be taken with hospital signage.

Signage has several functions. Directional signage creates a coherent, easy-to-understand route for users. They also need to understand where they are in the space: this is what we call situational signage. Explanatory signage, which authorizes or prohibits an action, also plays a major role in hospitals.

Another challenge in designing hospital signage is the target audience, which includes both users and staff. So it’s vital to prioritize information, making departments that receive the public more visible than those that only welcome staff.

Finally, signage needs to be scalable. Over the years, the hospital will undoubtedly be redeveloped, expanded or lose a department. It is therefore important to provide equipment that can evolve over time.

The different stages in designing hospital signage

Before designing and installing the hospital’s signage, Polymobyl’s design team takes an in-depth look at the issues and constraints facing your facility. Optimizing the user experience, choosing the information to be delivered, creating a coherent visual charter – we’re with you every step of the way.

We’ll start with an audit and diagnosis of your hospital’s existing signage, to determine an action plan based on its strengths and weaknesses. We will then send you a report with figures, outlining the areas for improvement.

Then our multi-disciplinary team gets to work on the graphics and signage design. The aim here is to create media that convey a positive brand image for your hospital, and that are more easily adopted by users. We’ll offer you our catalog of products, which you can customize to suit your needs. The graphic designers will then draw up a clear, identifiable visual charter, choosing a suitable font and size.

Last but not least, we put all our professionalism and responsiveness at the service of careful delivery and installation.

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