Mountain signage :
guide your visitors efficiently

Now frequented all year round, ski resorts must equip themselves with appropriate tourist signage. From wayfinding signs to terrain markers, mountain signage covers a wide range of products.

With Polymobyl, use the right materials and create high-quality signage in your resort’s colors. We customize our displays and place them wherever they’re needed.

Ski resort signage: specific codes

Ski resorts have very specific signage needs. The configuration of the terrain, the differences in use in summer and winter, and the importance of safety are major challenges. Polymobyl creates signage for resorts, villages and ski areas in line with their graphic guidelines.

The possibilities don’t stop at ski areas alone: we also produce signage for shops (village or business zone) and pedestrian signage, essential for guiding tourists off the slopes. With each project, Polymobyl adapts to specific constraints. Our primary goal was to design signage that was extremely clear, unambiguous and visible from afar. We use a wide variety of media.

The most common types of equipment include :

  • Information panels: safety, site features, instructions
  • Directional sign
  • Reception totem, facilitating traffic flow
  • Information totem
  • Directional totem pole
  • Mast with panels
  • Zone entry

All these supports contribute to a clear layout of the space. In areas that are often vast, altitude signage needs to help you find your way quickly and easily. To achieve this, the use of colors, font size and placement are essential. With a wealth of experience in mountain signage, we can advise you on the best way to achieve optimum visibility.

Polymobyl, unfailing support for mountain panels

With a track record of completely overhauling pedestrian and traffic signage in the town of Alpe d’Huez, Polymobyl has mastered its subject. We meet the requirements of both large resorts and small estates, always with the utmost attention to personalization.

To achieve this, we use products from our top-quality ranges (ICARE, MASSILIA, OLYMPE), and adapt them point by point to your specifications. We come to your station to define your precise requirements, and then offer you a complete study, including sketches and 2D/3D plans. At the end of the project, we install your equipment with precision and validate with you their suitability to your expectations.

Custom printing and laser cutting are techniques we use every day to design a personalized product. Your panels will carry your colors and convey your values. We also use materials that can withstand significant temperature variations. From the depths of winter to the height of summer, your signage stays as good as new, and as visible to your visitors as ever.

With Polymobyl, create ski area signage that’s as precise as it is durable. We’ll answer all your questions right away and get started on your project as quickly as possible.

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