Outdoor tourist signage: signs to help guide your visitors

Outdoor tourist signage is a key element for towns wishing to better guide their visitors. The right colors and layout will bring clarity to your municipal signage. Which elements to choose and why opt for designer tourist signage?

With over 35 years’ experience, Polymobyl can advise you and install high-quality signs for your public spaces.

The Polymobyl offer for your urban tourism signage

tourist signage
is much more present in public spaces than you might think. Heritage signage, to highlight and understand historic monuments, as well as pedestrian and bicycle signage, and tourist information panels (points of interest, leisure sites, activity zones, zoos, etc.) all contribute to better orientation for visitors, and therefore to a quality experience in your town.

This signage is composed of many elements such as :

  • Masts and directional arrows
  • Panels
  • Wall plates
  • Desks and orientation tables
  • Totems

Each contributes to a clear understanding of the public space, without distorting the landscape. This is what Polymobyl, an outdoor signage design agency since 1987, achieves with each of its product collections.

The MASSILIA range with its simple lines adapts to most spaces. Our ICARE line, combining coppery hues and folded metal effects, brings elegance to your tourism signage. Finally, the OLYMPE collection lets you add color to your signage.

Whatever your design choices, Polymobyl ensures that your products are designed and arranged to suit your space and constraints. This gives your tourist information panel the best possible visibility and contributes to visitor satisfaction.

Public space enhancement and tourist information panels

Since 1987, Polymobyl has been working on a wide variety of projects. Our achievements include :

  • Outdoor signage for the Geopark Beaujolais, a vast area covering 1,550 km2
  • Some sixty media produced for the Val-de-Marne departmental tourism committee
  • Relais Information Services signs for the gorges du Tarn
  • The Burgundy Canal, for which Polymobyl has designed exclusive and original educational materials.

For each of these projects, we take care to create a graphic identity that reflects the values of each territory or community. Harmonizing all our signage is an essential part of our mission, enabling us to create consistent, reliable signage.

Polymobyl always relies on sturdy materials, combining durability and visibility. From wood to steel, we combine materials. The result is an eco-friendly tourist signage system that blends seamlessly into its surroundings.

From ski area signage to residential leisure park signage, we cover every need. Our teams are ready to listen to you and carry out a full audit on site to quickly define your needs.

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