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The street furniture in public spaces plays a more important role than you might think in the daily lives of users. It delimits key zones and provides comfort for everyday use. In this way, it responds to needs, expressed or otherwise, and enhances the value of public space as a whole.

Since 1986, Polymobyl has been working to create well-designed public spaces. Thanks to the design of street furniture for public spaces, the entire face of your community can be transformed.

Polymobyl, designer city furniture and personalized advice

Polymobyl’s services are not limited to the design and manufacture of street furniture. In fact, it’s the whole space that we consider: whatever your environment and constraints, we take the time to get to know them. After all, every project starts from a different foundation, and it’s in our interest to take a close look at all of them to ensure a quality installation.

The architecture of your street furniture must be practical, but also enhance the image of your community. Well-designed, judiciously-placed furniture improves quality of life over the long term. Whether they promote soft mobility or adapt to an existing lifestyle, urban design furniture must bring value to users.

With this in mind, we approach each project with great attention to detail. Polymobyl’s service begins with a complete audit of the site. This will result in a customized proposal, supported by sketches and plans (2D and 3D). Based on products from our range, or by adapting entirely to your needs, we create elegant urban design furniture perfectly tailored to your requirements.

Modularity, the key to perfect street furniture design

Polymobyl offers local authorities a wide range of products for beautifully designed public spaces. Public benches, bus shelters, litter garbage cans, planters, pergolas and cycle sheds are all urban design elements that can be combined to look just like you.

Featuring unique qualities (sturdiness, durability) that make them ideal for outdoor use, this furniture can of course be fully customized. Starting with a steel or aluminum structure, materials can be combined for a natural, modern or assertive look. The wood, glass panels and colors of the furniture form a coherent whole and create a real atmosphere in the place where they are installed.

To ensure that your furniture contributes fully to your communication, we can affix your logo or specific colors to your bench, bus shelter or pergola. Designed from the outset with sustainability and eco-responsibility in mind, they convey your own values in style.

Convinced of the importance of urban architecture to quality of life, we strive with each project to bring out the best in each community. Street furniture and green spaces are a way of taking care of our fellow citizens. With you, Polymobyl is redesigning public spaces to better face the future.

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