Tourist information panels: Polymobyl at your service

Keeping tourists informed throughout their visit is essential to highlighting your heritage and the identity of your region. Polymobyl, a specialist in outdoor signage, offers a complete range of tourist information panels. From our catalog or custom-made, choose the right signage to fit in harmoniously with your premises.

A complete range of heritage signage

Information panels are an important part of heritage signage.

Present in the form of desks, milestones, totems or directional panels, they are there to attract tourists’ attention, orient them or provide them with historical or geographical explanations highlighting the places and their history.

They must therefore be clear, aesthetically pleasing, sufficiently visible and, of course, legible to all.

For this reason, Polymobyl offers you a wide range of top-of-the-range customizable information panels in our catalog.

You’ll find totems, milestones, lecterns and wall signs to cover all your needs.

And for more specific needs, we can also offer you our customized tourist signage services.

Our multi-disciplinary team (designers, graphic artists, project managers) is sure to enhance your heritage in line with your most exacting requirements.

The different lines in our signage catalog

Our catalog includes three lines of outdoor signage for the tourist industry.

The ICARE collection is composed of bent metal plates with clean lines. Elegant and sturdy, this signage will develop a patina over time and enhance your heritage or territory with elegance. The MASSILIA line offers four types of smooth metal supports. Simple, it will fit into any space. Last but not least, the OLYMPE line is based on an original cutting system that allows you to play on the colors between the inside and outside of the panels. It offers exclusively directional signs, some of which can incorporate additional maps and tourist information to help visitors find their way around.

Different panel sizes are available for each collection. Four types of printing are available for personalization: digital printing on film, digital printing directly on the substrate, laminated digital printing and laser cutting. All our products are designed in aluminum, aluminum composite or steel for greater strength and resistance to weather conditions and deliberate damage.

Polymobyl, a specialist in customized tourist information media

With over 30 years’ experience in heritage signage, Polymobyl is your ideal partner for the design, creation or renewal of your tourist signage.

Our experience will enable us to provide the solution best suited to your space constraints and budget.

During the pre-audit, we work with you to study the various parameters of your project and visit the site to get a feel for the surroundings. We can advise you on the type of print, dimensions and installation.

We then coordinate your entire signage project, from manufacture to installation.

The result is a coherent tourist display, perfectly adapted to the location and image of your heritage or territory.

Please take a look at our examples and contact us with any questions you may have!

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